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LSST’s Deputy CEO applauds Nestlé’s value-added attention to peanut allergies
by Connect Admin - Monday, 21 September 2020, 12:53 PM

LSST’s Deputy CEO, Mr Mohammed Zaidi, has trumpeted Nestlé’s totemic attention to peanut allergy prevention and for adjoining vision-to-value as it acquires Aimmune Therapeutics, the maker of pioneering peanut allergy treatments, in a $2.6 billion deal. More details

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How the pandemic provides CEOs potential to rethink, refine and reinvent
by Connect Admin - Friday, 28 August 2020, 5:01 PM

As employers look to their CEOs for compassion, confidence and control to navigate them towards optimism and opportunity, a surfeit of questions remain unrequited about what the post-pandemic future will hold. As COVID-19 fast-tracks developments such as digital collaboration and organisational transformation, LSST asks the experts what awaits ahead amid the current economic and social unrest. More details

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Creating a good CV, interviews and frequently asked questions, networking
by Connect Admin - Thursday, 27 August 2020, 12:28 PM

Dear Students, 

The LSST’s Work placement team hopes you are enjoying your holidays. We know it has been a tough year for us all and we want to thank you for all your efforts and hard work. 

Holidays are a time of celebration for many – good food, lots of parties, gift-giving, family and friends. ...

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Scheduled BNU Blackboard maintenance work
by fahim hasan - Friday, 21 August 2020, 10:55 AM

There will not be any access to BNU Blackboard from 7.30pm on Sunday (23 August) until 3pm on Monday (24 August) due to essential maintenance work.

We are undertaking this work now ahead of the new academic year so that we avoid any disruption once the year begins.

We are not aware of any teaching delivery on Monday but please advise Nithyashree Damodaran if there is any we are unaware of.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Planet plastic: LSST’s SU President and Deputy CEO probe MIT researchers on making ‘unrecyclable’ plastics recyclable
by Connect Admin - Thursday, 13 August 2020, 1:05 PM
As the world rightly pauses post-pandemic, our oceans and wildlife still progressively suffer from persistent and soaring plastic pollution. While plastics have revolutionised the world and solved many social problems, a whopping 91% of plastic is not recycled – subsequently creating colossal environmental and health problems. Adding to the challenge, some tough plastics (thermosets) are particularly impossible to recycle. More details